Wiremesh for construction

Wiremesh For Construction

Wiremesh is a prefabricated steel mesh used in concrete works. It is manufactured by welding cold-drawn steel wires, which meet industry standards such as TIS 747 and TIS 943, together using highly accurate automated machinery. Electric arc welding is employed, ensuring that every weld point of the mesh is fused into a uniform and strong structure, capable of withstanding pulling forces. The use of wiremesh as reinforcement in concrete reduces the amount of steel used in construction, minimizing steel waste and saving more time compared to traditional steel reinforcement methods. Additionally, wiremesh offers the advantages of easy transportation, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness in construction.

Certified by Thai Industrial Standard Institute

Local Presence for both service and technical support

KW Wiremesh: Strong and durable, complying with TIS 737-2549 standards.

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